Develop a Search Engine Marketing Plan

You need to follow some search engine marketing plan if you are thinking about to increase your website traffic on Google, Yahoo and other search engine machines. Those marketing plan includes social networking, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click campaign. A website is very much similar to a traditional business. You need to do some marketing plan to sell your products and to increase web traffic.

  1. First you need to define your goals. What is a search engine marketing plan to you? Search engine marketing plan can increase the visitors and can convert visitors into customers. Thus a successful marketing plan can increase your brand appreciation online. For this, your goals should be realistic, measurable and specific.
  2. Next, you need to define niche. What is the characteristics that make you unique than your competitor? What is the reason that an average searcher would visit your site to find something? All these are very important to increase your visitors of your site. And these affect the keywords and phrases that you choose in your site for the campaign of your products.
  3. You have to define your target audience. To do this you need to evaluate the locations of your marketing, the visitor’s value, searching topics and the searching format of the visitors. These steps will help you to make your website strategically so that your website will fulfill visitor’s demands that they are looking for.
  4. You need to investigate your competition. You can use Wordtracker and Google Adwords to choose best keywords to see your place in the competition.
  5. You have to build some strategy about your plan. Do your homework to decide the budget of the plan, marketing tactics like SEO, improving usability, creating multiple web pages, pay per click campaign etc.
  6. You should track your basic data. You can use Google Analytics as a tool to fine the basic data that you needed. You need to keep your eyes on your web pages, web traffic each month. You need to find out that the visitor’s keyword that they are looking for. And your page should be fulfilled with information that visitors want to know.

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