Do Search Engine Marketing by Yourself

There is a question in everyone’s mind that how their site come to the first page of Google. Sometimes it is seen that your site has a professional look and optimized with best keywords and phrases but you do not have much web traffic that you want to have. And one of the main reasons of this is the lack of inbound links that are connected to your site.

What is inbound link? Inbound links are those links that go to your site as a vote. The more votes the higher pages rank. Here is some steps that will help you to do Search Engine Marketing by yourself.

  1. First you need to submit your site to the directories that are relevant to your site. Suppose you are an instinctive healer then you need to do find holistic directories and submit you site to those directories. These directories can be free as well as paid off.
  2. At the time of submitting those directories you need to be sure about the keywords that those directories ask for. You may vary the keywords and phrases a bit. This step will help you to get more votes for your webpage. For example, you can make a link that say “Graphics Design and Holistic Web by Third Eye Studio” or “Third eye studio Holistic Web and Graphics Design”.  This kind of stuff will increase your page rank.
  3. Next you need to exchange links with those website that are complementary to your website. Most importantly you have to sure about the keywords and phrases that should be in your link that you submitted in those links.

You can use social networking sites as your way of promotion. You can post blogs and links that are connected to your website on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. You can also use video advertising by posting a video on Youtube.

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