Eight Steps To Increasing The Link Luck

Step 1


Create a single page or a pages series on which a person can post his or her links for which you are really reciprocating. It is very important to be made sure that these page or series of pages are the valuable resource for everyone who mainly visits them. Try your best to avoid using of these types of words at links or phases, or in the link exchange or in the body names.

Step 2

Try to keep the outgoing links related to the basic, but you need not to be very much specific in this process.


Step 3


Try to keep an eye on the link to the ratio of text. Write some paragraphs for each of the page link explaining what kinds of links visitors will follow on this page.

Step 4

Do not feel so much worry for the PR. The recent search engines are showing less important on this PR.

Step 5

Try to submit your own site to the directories, including the geographically and industry specific.


Step 6


Efficiently join on the link exchange networks. This is very much important for the link development process.


Step 7


Talk to people in your own geographic area. But if the store is in the mall, then ask other
stores in this mall for exchanging the links.


Step 8

Ask any of the clients with the businesses in order to link it to your own site. Then offer them simple discount on its further purchases, it may keep the link up.

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