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Whenever you launch a web site then you should give the first priority on the SEO. Search engine optimization is one kind of like formulas that make your site search engine friendly. The main motto of this task is that you can gain more visitors which make high profit from your site. Let me clarify that how SEO increases your profit. Firstly when your site will be displayed in the first page of the search result then the more visitors will see your pages which increase the site rank of your site. This site secondly helps the search engine to find you easily. When the people search their required product and get the site link of your web site in the first page of the search engine then they feel more interest to visit your site. It is almost mandatory to be displaying your page link in the first page of the search engine because most of the people normally visit the links which are published in the first page of the search engine. Actually to optimize you site with the search engine is almost the first and the foremost task. So for the perfect optimization you need to follow some tips on the SEO. You can get them easily on the internet. After all we are here discussing about some tips.

1.      Select the best keyword of your site. It is important because people search their product or the service by the keywords. You can also choose two or more keywords.

2.      You domain name or the URL may have the keywords.

3.      Add some description with the site which is displayed with the site link in the result of the search engine.

4.      Add some META tags or information in your site.

5.      Finally you can put some popular and quality back link in your site.

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