Free marketing tools by Google

Online businesses now become a more popular business in the world. For getting more benefit in this business you need to follow some business tips. You need to increase the popularity of your site in the internet. You need to increase the ranking of the site that the site link must be displayed in the first page of the search result as the majority of people see the first page of the search result. Other than this you need to follow some business tools. Google is the best search engine. It leads the total internet market .it has the great popularity in this aspect. They offer some business tools for the improved marketing business in the internet. This is very much popular to the businessman of the internet or the webmaster to improve your site ranking and popularity and also get more benefit.

Here we are discussing about some marketing tool which are provided by Google in free:

Google Analytics:

Possibly the leading marketing tools are offered by Google. It proves that it helps the marketer and the webmaster effectively. Google Analytics provides you a snapshot of everyday of your blog or web site. Google Analytics also scrutinizes your everyday traffic of your site. Google Analytics is tremendously important for studying of your marketing focus. It follows all steps building up the sales or the traffic of the site that provides you great benefit.

Google Sitemaps:

Webmasters can use Google Sitemaps is mostly used by the web master to build the search index for the new website pages. It is an XML file which is uploaded to the Google as the new pages of the site and is add on your site.  It is very much important for the webmaster that they can use it when they need to get their pages on the internet very swiftly.

Google Alerts:

It notified when anyone list or use your site link or mentions the name of yours. It keep track all the activities of your in the web and this the great way to do this. It also monitors your business activities as well as the profits and the products.

Google Froogle:

Froogle is the directory of the price of Google. It works very simply and its main work records all the lowest prices of the different products on the internet. By analyzing the webmaster and the marketer can improve their product quality to get the best sale in this competitive market with the cheapest prices.

Google e-Blogger:

For the function of the web site blogging become greatly essential. Every site should have no less than one blog. To increase the traffic of the website you need blog for the website on the related topics of the site or page.

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