Getting Lucky With Misspelled Keywords

Selecting targeted keywords for websites sound easy but the toughest part is ranking well for popular keywords or keyword phrases. Astonishingly, 10 millions times a day someone types the word wrong. People misspell the words when they are typing in hurry. On that ground, online companies have been taking advantage on such misspelled words.

Let’s take an example. Suppose your website sells medical equipments and your primary keyword is ‘Medical Equipments’. There are many searches which are done with misspell words, and in our case, people sometime use write ‘Equiptment’ instead of‘Equipment’. And more than 20K times this word is misspelled by users across the world in the internet. So if you are using the keyword ‘Medical Equipment’ is searched about 60K a month and the term ‘Medical Equiptments’ bring about 2300, then even though the misspelled keyword bring lesser volume of searches, it is still worth  to use those keywords because there may not be have much competition  and you can easily get top ranked without any major competitions.

So if you would like to know what could be the possible misspelled keywords for your website then you should first take a look at some of the major misspelled words on 100 misspelled words from yourdictionary and others online dictionaries.

The next step is to optimize your webpage by using misspelled keywords. Out of many ways, the one that should work writing an article or blog post with desired misspelled keywords. However, you should not base these misspelled keywords for your entire optimization plan because Google helps out the user when they type misspell words by suggestion ‘Did you mean’ option.

Now use the Google Keyword Tool and find targeted keywords, and think how you can generate more traffic by using misspelled keywords.

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