Getting started with SEO

Search engine optimization or search engine optimizer briefly known as SEO is the process of bettering up the visibility of a web page in search engines via normal search results. All web related people should be aware about this topic as it in an important matter. Here I am discussing some suggestion that may be quite helpful to new users.

  • Placing appropriate keywords in the title tag:

You should use suitable keywords that people may use with a view to getting linked with sites like yours. One should also be aware that Google only displays first 70 characters of your web sites. Avoid acting like a spammer; you should not put silly keywords.

  • Content :

Your content plays a vital role in building up audience. Your content should be fresh and updated; if you update your content people who usually visits your sites will visit more to find something new and exciting.

  • Site mapping:

Site mapping is important because you should feature your main pages. You should keep in mind that one should click less to find pages in your site.

  • Accessible URL :

I personally believe that your website’s URL’s should be search friendly.

  • Make relations with others:

To get more traffic in your website you should keep good relations to others. Your web partners should have a respected career in web reputation.

  • Advertising:

Advertising your site by posting on related websites which upholds URL’s of your own site.

  • Avoid copying contents:

I recommend any one not to do so. Duplicating or copying any content means the content can be found on two or many URL’s. It has many draw backs. Fresh contents are always helpful.

This discussion is made as a basic SEO tips. I hope it will help the fresher’s for sure.

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