Google Caffeine : What to Expect?

Being an SEO requires is not easy because you need to be updated by news related to websites, internet and search engines. Not only that if you have to check out what big thing in the internet will hit next month or even next year. The next Google Big Project – Google Caffeine seems to have different approach in search ranking system. We just have to wait how they will get into the action.

The future of any websites is in hand of SEO expert. People hire them to expand their business and earn more profits. Therefore one should watch for all news related to search engines and web marketing published by Google.

Here is the Google’s quote on their upcoming future plan

“It’s the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness, and other dimensions.”

Looks like they are going to hit the internet world with more strong and diverse approach in search engine optimization process

Every body loves contents and so does the best search engines like Google. Everyday there are millions of new contents get published in the internet. Each and every site that dominates the search engines will be the ones who can properly match the keywords searched by millions of people. They are the websites which Google love to visit everyday. The important part in this game is to make sure that you are targeting the right keywords which are related to your contents. Visitors will then come into your page because your website could give them the information that they need. Now when you are successful to drive visitors to your website and keep them interested, there is always a very high chance they could become customers and buy products or services from your website. Another thing is that just by brining thousands of visitors in one day is not good enough because what is the worth of such traffic that doesn’t convert. This is due wrong selection of keywords.

Google love comprehensiveness. So if you really want to rank well and very serious about online marketing then you should be able to work hard on this to get desired goal. Only hard work is enough, you should be very careful and wise enough to select targeted keywords. Ranking in top is not about getting tons of backlinks but what Google want to see in your website beside hundreds of backlinks is how valuable information that you website is producing. If you are good enough to provide legitimate information, target right keywords and build new pages with optimized contents, then Google will prefer

But every webmasters and people who has grasped certain knowledge on online marketing strategies know these stuffs. Still they don’t get expected results even though they think they have gone through by the book. Google is very smart and nobody can trick them. You have to work with Google in order to get your website ranked high.

Speaking of Google Caffeine, I guess we just have to wait and see how they are going to start this new search engine technology in coming days. Best of all, you and I need to keep getting updated so we don’t miss out anything.

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