How Class C IP works for SEO?

We already know what IP is, and what Class C IP stands for. We know Ips are nothing but just a sequence of number that runs the website. Now if the Class C Ips are unique and different, then it can do or cast some spells for the SEO. It’s not magical, let’s go through the logic,

When we are hosting our sites to the IPs, when we try to build a network of interlinking websites, Search engine can easily identify the connection or footprints of the network and may delist the sites on the network.
For say, Google mopes on interlinking sites such as those have same owner, or the sites have same WHOIS registration details, or the sites are consuming same name servers, similar rDNS and all the IPs from same ranges.

Class C IPs

How Class C IP cast magic?

The Magic lies on the trait of Class C IPS, and the traits are “Unique & Different each Class C IPs”. These Class C IPs bundled with SEO hosting is the perfect application for the E-People who are interested to host the sites network on a reliable and steady platform without thinking of getting ranking drops and penalty from search engines.
When you are subscribing to a SEO hosting, you will get Multiple Class C IPs to host your sites.  These Class C IPs allows you to acquire links from the other sites you have, which works as camouflage for Google, how? Let’s think generally first, For example, let’s say you have 30 sites and these sites link are linked to a specified website, we all know that’s superb for SEO. Now if these all sites are hosted on the same IP and if there’s a large link networking going on than Google may consider this in bad manner and possibly can penalize you, your sites even may get banned!
Here SEO hosting can save you, by hosting on different Class C IPs, you can camouflaged your sites linking network, create links between sites without the search engines finding out.

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