How Google adds value to links

Besides volume, the well known anchor text of links & quality is important for Google to determine the value of your links. Google’s exclusive rights demonstrate some possible methods how Google may use previous data to determine the value of web links.

For instance, the accurate life time of a web link and at what speed a new online site obtains links.

“Very rapid growth of link might be a strong pointer of “search engine spam”.

Google’s Aging holdup is to prevent spam.

It’s not a top secret that Google relies a lot on links when it gets nearer to top ranking online sites.

As said by their patent filing, Google might record the finding date of a link and also link alters over time period.

What I found mainly interesting is the category that Google might consider in obtaining the value of a web domain or recognizing it as a dangerous spam domain; as said by their patent, Google might now trace the following data:

·The span of the domain registration.

·The address of the online site proprietor.

·The technological contact information & the admin. This information is frequently changed more than a few times or completely fallacious on spam domains; once more this tests is for reliability!

·The permanence of your web site’s host and their IP range is also important.

If your e-mail server is black listed you might have a difficulty ranking fine in Google!

The simplest policy might be registering your web domain more than a few years in advance with a highly regarded supplier thereby representing permanence and responsibility to Google.

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