How To Find The Ideal Social Network to Promote Your Business

Social media drives 31.24% of overall traffic to websites.

It’s obvious that creating an effective social media strategy is now a must-have part of any brand’s marketing strategy.


So, how are you promoting your brand or website on social media? Are just randomly posting funny pictures and quotes on your Facebook and Twitter pages, hoping that you’ll get more likes and followers?

If so, you’re in big trouble because that strategy will never lead you anywhere.

Before you start promoting your business on social media, it’s crucial that you understand who your target audience is and which social network is best for promoting your website.

Each social network consists of different types of audiences. Let’s find out which one is best for your business.

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Facebook and Twitter Are For Everyone

320 million users actively use Twitter while 1.49 billion users login to update their status on Facebook, every month.


According to Pew Research, 72% of adult internet users 62% of the entire adult population have a profile on Facebook.

Which makes having an official brand page on Twitter and Facebook a must for all businesses, no matter which field you’re in. Facebook and Twitter will be the starting point of your social media marketing strategy.

However, since there is too much competition, these two social network giants won’t help you generate impactful results. That’s why you must also find a niche social network to promote your business.

Pinterest Is Largely Popular Among Women

80% of users on Pinterest are female, which makes it the ideal platform for promoting fashion, food, beauty, health, and DIY project related brands.

There are over 70 million users on Pinterest. Investing on creating an appropriate strategy to target this social network will not go to waste if you know your audience.


Pinterest also has a special section for businesses that allows you to sell and promote products directly through the social network.

Targeting Teens Is Easier With Instagram

53% of the total 400 million users on Instagram are aged under 30. If your business aims to attract young audiences, Instagram is the best place to start.


Although, similar to Pinterest, Instagram is a niche social network that requires a special strategy that promotes your products through beautiful pictures and short videos.

First, learn the proper ways to promote your brand on Instagram and then try experimenting with Advertising.

LinkedIn Is For Professionals

Unlike other social networks, where we casually share any thought that comes to our mind, LinkedIn is a place where we get serious and professional.


LinkedIn currently has over 347 million users, including students, college graduates, and professionals.

Marketers, consultants, design agencies, and trainers have found the most success on this platform by promoting services, products, and skills directly to companies and office workers.

Increase Awareness Through YouTube

Even though most people think of YouTube as a platform full of funny videos, this social network also gives businesses a great opportunity to reach a worldwide audience of over 1 billion users.


Every month, over 6 billion hours of video is viewed on YouTube by millions of people. This is your opportunity to build authority and increase awareness for your brand by publishing high-quality videos on YouTube.

72% of marketing agencies agree that online videos are more effective than traditional TV ads.

The best approach for promoting your brand on YouTube is to create unique videos, instead of buying advertising. Create videos to attract your target audience while promoting your products at the same time.

Take a look at how some of the top brands are using YouTube for marketing their products and learn from them.

So, have you decided on a social network to promote your business? No matter which platform you choose for your brand, remember to experiment and try different strategies to find unique ways to take your business toward success.


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