How to reduce bounce rates?

Many website owners don’t want to see one thing, and that is high bounce rates. It is quite annoying and frustrating thing that you wish you didn’t have to go through always. But instead of closing your eyes, you can find out the problem and do something about this. So let’s talk about how simple changes can reduce the bounce rates and keep the visitors on your webpage for a long time, and also more leads and more sales.

Why do visitor don’t spend time on your website?

Let’s say you are looking to buy a swimming costume in sports stores and we call themd them store A, store B, and store C. When you enter store A, and you found that they didn’t sell any swimming costumes, you will leave immediately. Now you enter inside Store B, but you leave only to find that they had swimming goggles and underwear .You spend few minutes and then leave. Now you enter Sore C and you get delighted to see little collection of swimming costumes and then you spend more time to check them out.

So now you can imagine how visitors interact with your website. Those visitors are probably looking for something that they think your website is offering or giving. But the visitors, who can find out information within few seconds, will decide whether to stay or get out. If they don’t find anything they were looking, they bounce out immediately.

How can you Reduce Your Bounce Rate?

Let’s talk about three important points on how you can reduce the bounce rates.

  1. Expand your inventory or serviceNow if you can expand your product or services on your website, it can reduces bounce rate. That doesn’t mean putting everything which is not related to your website. If you are offering a service, breaking it down into more specialized form will help more visitors spending more time. If I was offering website designing service I would offer more specialized services like SEO and PPC service. Now these services are specialized form of internet marketing.
  2. Targeting most relevant search termsThe next thing is targeting most relevant search terms. For example, if your website is offering iPhone games and iPod apps, then I would recommend you to put iPhone headphones and iPod batteries information on your website. Therefore your website has a complete information on iPod and iPhone to which visitors would love to see around. You don’t want to stick with one keyword but other related keyword which will drive different types of visitors with different interests
  3. Sleek Web DesignA good web design also plays a major role in reducing visitors rate of bouncing. Put the links where you can see them easily. Do not use large photos which will make it difficult too open for some visitors who have slower internet connection. Use SEO friendly URL and avoid too much animation in your website.
    All the best with your work and if you keep up with this effort you will definitely get more visitors spending more time on your website.

Just keep up with the best and this effort will definitely get you more visitors spending more time on your website.

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