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Visitors are the life of a website. A website may consist of the best products and most compelling features but it does not add any value until people don’t know about the website and don’t visit. No website is an exception to this. Without successfully driving traffic to the desired level no one can think of getting the desired level of result from the website.  There are a lot of ways of increasing increase website traffic. Here are some ways that would help you to increase website traffic free of cost.

Successful competitors are the best source of information about the demand of the desired customers. Use a thorough search in a good search engine using the key words those are affiliated with your website. See which websites comes first. Then, carefully observe all these preceding websites and look for anomalies from your website. Jot down the important notes and apply these by mingling with your creativity. But, copying is never a good idea.

Now make a list of the key words available in your website. Then write few articles using those key words also give title to the articles using the keywords. Now post those well written articles to the websites where people frequently search for articles with different contents. Now allowing those people to read and use those articles is greatly beneficial for your website. And don’t forget to provide back links from the articles to your website which will bring in lots of traffic.

Another great way of driving web traffic is to Post to forums and online communities. The most important part regarding this way is to find out the forums and online communities related to your website and there you can keep a link driving towards your website. By sharing your knowledge and in depth analysis on the topic you can increase your reputation and credibility.  As a result your website will be considered as a reliable source of knowledge regarding those keywords to probable clients.

Social bookmarking websites those are used in order to store bookmarks online with a view to sharing the addresses with future users. In order to achieve higher web traffic you can put your website manually to different mass used Social bookmarking websites

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