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Search engine optimization or SEO is an essential for improvement of a website.   For the freelance writer it is more important to increase their website traffic. If you want to increase your website traffic then need to learn about the SEO. Because of the marketing competition is very high in this case.

According to the opinion of some experts that about 100,000 number of new web sites come in air on the internet. So we can estimate at about 36,500,000 numbers of new websites introduce in a year! There are many tips are on the online for the freelance writer to increase your website traffic. Some SEO tips are given below:

1. File Naming: File naming descriptively that may help you to get extra page views for the reason that search engines can identify that you what want to tell about more readily.  Such as the example that when use a image file in your blog and say the image used in the page of job then you should the name of the file jobs1.jpg that is better than .jpg1.

2. URL: URL is also important for increase your website traffic.  This takes credit from the tips given above. The keywords of the page or the name of the file can be the content of the URL. It will help the search engine to find your site more easily. When naming the URL then you have to concern about the sign that the hyphen and the underscore do not work in same way. The search engine considers the hyphen as space. So it is extremely important to know the difference between these signs. The search engines recognize the word separately for the use of hyphen and the underscore.

3. Tagging the title: This is also important tips that increase your website traffic.  Title of the each page should not be same .Every page should have a name relating to its content. It may be the main keyword or phrases of the page content and also be the important file name of that page.

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