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Search engine optimization briefly written as SEO is not a very simple process. It renders a great service to online business. That is why some SEO experts get a lot of money. A lot of money is invested in this process. If you haven’t enough access to keep a SEO then you can follow some simple things that may help you in increasing the web traffic. And a great extend is not need be made to follow this things.

  • Alexa rating is the common term to all the website owners. First determine this rating and find your nearest competitors. If you assure your ranking then you can easily start.
  • Sitemaps are another relevant term. I may recommend you to use sitemaps. Sitemaps help for the search engines bots to crawl in with a view to finding the information for how to index them. Example:
  • Check the how many incoming links you have. The more you get the chances are growing more to be ranked up in the websites.
  • Use web2.0 sites and articles. These sites have a great fame in the search engines. They rank high in their own. You should use these sites and backlink them to your pages. Example: eHow, HubPages, Wikis, Squidoo are these kind of sites.
  • There is a tool ( for checking the optimal number of keywords in your copy. This tool is helpful and you can use it.

Now this is some simple tips about SEO tools that may be effective in your online

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