Know the Difference between Search Engines & Web directories

As you know a web directory performs much like an online search engine, however on a much smaller level. Web directories are really a classified index of online sites that already have been submitted by webmasters. Web directories usually have search characteristics, allowing online users to search throughout the whole index, just similar to an online search engine. The major dissimilarity between an online search engine and a web directory are that very little web directories hold the amount of web links that an online search engine does. Online search engines as well collect important data from online sites, which are used to classified and eventually rank them. Web directories lack the capability to “crawl”, or test websites as online search engines do, consequently the merely information a web directory contains on a website is the very basic information that was submitted by the online site owner.

Most web directories employ keywords and Meta tags to look for websites, where as online search engines employ very complex algorithms that consider a lot more than Meta tags (the worth of Meta tags in online search engines has in fact declined). The web directories are not the mainly well-liked online search tools for the reason that huge online search engines similar to Bing, Google and Yahoo are a lot more suitable to make use of and hold a vast quantity of resources obtainable to be searched out. Yahoo and Google both contain their exact web directories also. However separately owned web directories might not be so well-liked for online searchers, they do comprise their advantages for website owners & surfers as well.

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