Must SEO Tips for Newbie Blogger’s

SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization is becoming a major concern and an important ingredient to get large number of traffic to a website, besides the site’s first-class content. Because once articles are old for a few weeks, the mass of the traffic of those articles is going to come from various search engines. That’s the reason why it’s essential to rank towering in the search engines.

Placing Keywords properly:

One of the most important basic SEO tips is to place proper keyword in the title tag incase of ranking high. It’s a vital point to consider a title that grabs the concentration of people, which should contain important keywords. Because while searching on popular search engines similar to Google, pages containing the title will be presented first in the search results and people are going to click on those links which are most striking to them at a first glance.

ALT Attribute is to be carefully used:

The <alt> attribute must be used properly to explain an image displayed keywords should not be spam, that doesn’t have anything to carry out with the image.

Because though it’s factual that spiders of search engine are unable to read images, however they can read those <alt> attribute, and if these are spammed with irrelevant keywords to the image, this is enough to make the search engine conscious of why to de-rank it for.

Links’ Anchor Text:

The text inside <a> tags which links to all other pages is the anchor text. Whether they are outgoing or incoming links, it is far more essential for the anchor text for containing an explanation of wherever the link is intriguing the visitor in the site. This is yet more significant for search engines for the reason that it informs its crawlers wherever the link is actually going.

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