On-Page SEO tips on Title Tag

If you are worried about your website ranking then instead of worrying you should check out something that will help to improve you page ranking. Let’s start with the Title of webpage. Title tag is very important and it is where you put your keywords

You can not just write long and lengthy Title. You have to keep it in between 80-70 character which is just perfect for SEO.

Title tags are the main section where you put your keywords and this is how search engines spiders determine the topic of your website by crawling from the Title of your webpage to the end of the webpage. The title of webpage is the text that is seen in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and it is also seen by visitors. So whenever you are write a title for your webpage, make sure it is catchy, written in good form and most importantly, include your targeted keywords. If you haven’t fixed your title, you won’t see any improvements. Therefore, you should fix this and you will definitely see some improvements.
Selecting good keywords can be tricky. Let’s say, if you are writing a title tag for a recipe page of Italian Pasta. The best title would be ‘Recipe for Italian Pasta’ or ‘Italian Pasta Recipe’. In both cases, you have targeted keywords ‘Italian Pasta’ in the title. Search engine spiders crawls the page and try to determine what the webpage is about by going through the title. When the spiders see “Italian Recipe’ in the title, they determine that the site is about Italian recipe, and they will try to find same keywords in rest of the page. So the next place to add your keyword is Heading tags and contents. Now when you have keywords in these sections, you are ready to rock for next level of SEO.

For all of your pages, you should follow same strategies explained above. And please, do not stuff the content or title with too many keywords because it will definitely harm your ranking. Make sure you limit around 20-30 variation of keywords but put only TOP two or three keywords in the Title.

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