Optimizing websites with article writing and submission

Having an article on top spot in Google seems pretty hard job and it requires lots of time and money but what you may not know is it has never been a lot simpler than you think.

Of course, the backlinks are key factors to get ranked high but unless you come up with a better search engine optimization strategy, you can make the whole thing so easy. Now with a right keyword, you can do the job, but first you need to research your keyword.

Keyword Research

Let’s start with Google’s free keyword tool. It is a free tool and is effective. It gives information on keywords that has been searched in a monthly basis. But the result is sometimes very overwhelming. That’s why, what you need is a paid keyword research tool like Keyword Samurai. But you can still use Google’s tool if you don’t want to spend money on the tool.

Now let’s start searching for some keyword suggestions by Google’s search tool which will show many results based on your entered keyword. The result will show different keywords and number of searches per day. What you need to do is select the one with at least 100 searches a day. Now that’s your targeted keyword.

Narrowing it Down

When you have an idea on which keyword to choose you need to make a few lists of those sets and then search them in Google.  Now when you search the keyword make sure you put quotes around them, like this – “Keyword” and notice the result returned by Google.

Now when you are targeting the selected keywords, it is also necessary to find out how competitive is the keyword.

You have to check how tough the competition is by searching your keywords without quotes in Google. When you have the results, check the result page and see if they all have keywords in their URL, and check how many of them have bolded keywords, and how they have placed the keywords. All these information are crucial and beneficial in order to compete for your desired keywords. Now if the result page shows many websites which have used keywords exactly as your targeted keywords then the competition would be very tough. However, if the results for the keyword research are under 10,000 then it probably is not too tough. Now if it is above 10,000 then it is recommended that you should try another set of keywords.

Keyword Inclusion

The best strategy for search engine optimization is to include 1-2% of keyword density in an article that you want to get ranked. You should not be adding keywords all over your article because Google will track you down and treat you as a spammer and thus they will ban you. Now when you are done writing the appropriate article then it is time to submit your article to top article directory like EzineArticle Directory.  It is the place where you have a good chance of getting high ranking for your article. Upon submitting your article now you need to submit the published article URL to top social bookmarking websites.

Keywords are the key for successful SEO. Put the keywords in the URL if you want good ranking for your website. Buy a domain which contains your targeted keywords. If it is not possible to buy it then buy the one that is close to it, or add sub pages that contains your targeted keywords, for example, yourdomain.com/targeted-keywords. Make sure you use a dash if you want to use two or more words. Then again, put the keywords in the title, H1 tag and bold it where necessary.

There are the fundamental strategies to rank on the first page of Google without creating tons of backlinks.

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