Proper Optimization of Your Own Website for Search Engine “Google”

Do you wish having a better position in the web ranking? Want to do this with the search engine Google? You can do this obviously, as you can be able to grab a nice position in ranking with Google even before you start advertizing. Google is not generally that much particular about the fancy colors and graphics you use in your website or also is not particular in exacting the key words you use or describing your message to the audience. However, bots actually want you for displaying relevancy in the topics throughout your own website. Do you want to optimize your own website for the search engine goggle? Here are essential tips for you:

It is primarily recommended that, you must design your own website using CSS. The abbreviation of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets.  These sheets are generally written guides for how website is showed to your website visitors. CSS is really adorable to Google and to any other search engines. Once you are accustomed to use this, you will also adore this because it permit you to upgrade the appearance of text of the whole website of your whole just with a little effort.

You should keep in mind while you are designing your website that the design of the website should be simple. You are going to impress the visitors with the flashy videos or fancy design rather than the major content of your website must be rich. On Google’s side these are computerized visitors, not human traffic.

Meta Tags are one of the important tools. These tags must be used in your website. But it is not that you will rely on these META tags for having the better position in Google. The search engine Google primarily uses the Meta Tags, for instance your Title, Keyword, and Description tags to properly index your website as well as keep it in perfect category.

It is also recommended that, you need to use the oversized files, which take a lot of time for loading. If you use large file on your website, it may slow down and may cause the traffic to run off your website even before have a single look to your site. The visitors will fail to view your site for this reason. That’s why you need to make sure that your web page is easy and quick downloadable.

You must check often your links. Google bots really are advanced technology, although they would not know actually what to perform if they can find broken link or fail to find their path to your own website homepage. You should use the text links as well as should ignore the JavaScript while building the navigation. You should also that you provide Site Maps to search spiders.

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