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SEO Plugin Packages for WordPress

Now we are going to discuss about the different types of plugins that they are necessary for getting high site ranking.

The plugins for the sitemap named as sitemap plugins. This will create a sitemap intended to the search engines that will make possible them to find out and alphabetical listing your content very quickly. All In One SEO Pack and SEOPressor Plugin are popular that they help to increase the site rank.

There are many other SEO plugins of the WordPress which may be suitable.  You can most of them and they are useful to upgrade your site. First of all when you choose a plugins package you need to know the function and facilities that provided by the package. You can choose the several packages that provide you the following facilities.

1.    Select the best keyword. If possible select the two or more than two keywords. It is less competitive.
2.    The URL or the domain name must be contained any keywords.
3.    Some plugins are available that are Shortening the URLs. It actually removes the common keywords from the URLs to make the site link search engine and user friendly.
4.    Some plugins are available that are linked the site automatically. For better SEO it creates both the external and the internal links automatically.
5.    The plugins are also check regularly and gives a report about the broken links that are not good for the SEO.
6.    Do not follow any external links. Selectively create the external links that do not follow the leaking authority.
7.    Try to use the images that are related to the site’s topics which make the site SEO friendly.  Ensure that the heading and text of the images contain a keyword.
8.    Always try to minimize the use of the animation or the moving content in the site.
9.    Use plugins that are automatically stop or fix the Error 404. This error effect has a great impact on the keywords and also in the URL.
10.    The bookmarking system should be easy and also social. That people can comfortably accessing the site.
11.    Always keep up a fixed copy of the pages and the posts to make speedy the page loading system.

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