SERP and PageRank 101

Mixed views are there from different experts while they define the terms SERP i.e. the Search Engine Results Page and PR i.e. the PageRank. A lot of them opine that these two things are totally distinctive, independent and totally not related with one another while another section opines that they are closely related, as decrease in one leads a decrease in the other and an improvement in one renders in improvement in another. It doesn’t require being an expert inSEO in order to explain the relevance, distinctions and the close relation between these 2 terms. One simply require having an open mind and comprehend the algorithm which is presented and formulated by Google.


SERP is nothing but a listing of the web pages displayed or returned by the Search Engines like Google in response to the searches typed in by the users. Google returns a list of sites ranging from 10-100 depending on your customization which is relevant basing on the keywords typed in by the visitor. The very first page or the top SERP is the most significant page of all the pages and it is the place where every single webmaster wishes their sites to be displayed; to retain a position inside the top 10 listing of websites. Getting ranked in this very significant results page will enhance the probability of being visited by the users owing to the fact that people rarely pay visits to the next page of returned search results.


Page Rank in short PR is the trademark of Google, it belong just to Google and it is made to use in order to rank sites to show their importance, standard and most importantly their popularity in the world of web. PR can be evaluated terming it a reference that links towards the quality links pointing to a particular site. Now, a lot of reasons are there behind linking of one site to the other, it might be because of importance, handy content, or sheer quality. Such links also serves as vote and the more high quality backlinks a site gathers from the other sites, it is thought that the PR of it will get higher. Google evaluates these links and is made to use in the computation of the PR of a website.

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