Significance of Web Directories

Web directory is one of the significant topics to be discussed in the world in the fastest growing internet sector. First of all you have to know that what a normal directory such as our phone directory does. A phone directory keeps the phone number of our friends who have phones. In the same way a web directory ensures whether the web page or web site exists or not and how the sites are being visited that is the popularity of the web page or web site.

Web directory can also be term as link directory. In another word web directory is exactly the directory on the World Wide Web system. The main objective of web directory is to link one web page or web site to other web sites or pages. While building a web site you must have to consider the fact of web directory. After building web sites you must have to publish the links or your web pages or sites to web directories. One thing should be told to you before that there is thousands of web directory sites right after you to take your link.

If you post the link of your site or web pages to thousands of these directories Google will check the existence of your site. If Google finds the link of your web site to the directories, definitely the popularity of site will go higher then you thought. Another directory in the world of web is the article directory. In article directories a huge amount of articles can be found containing the links of their sites which is surely raise the familiarity of their sites.

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