Some common mistakes in link building (Part 1)

In tactics of SEO of the site the common phenomenon is the common mistakes in the link building. To get a high rank of the page we need to be careful about them. We are here talking about some common mistakes in link building.

#1 Mistake: accumulation of Linking Packages

Noticeably some seedy and unprincipled public are out there advertising about the link packages that are not actually mentioned worthy. Most of the instance they flash ads out to be categorized directories or the other spam full network. These given links are the equal to buy the spam emails lists. So do not do such work. Your links may finish up on the banned web sites that can actually hurt the image of your site to the Google.

#2 Mistakes: Exchanges of Link

In the earlier days, exchanging of the links was the chief tactics of the SEO link building.  A common occurrence was that I will link to you, you have to be link to me, and finally we both will win. But Google caught that there at about hundreds of company open for supplying link.

Google can simply mark out the reciprocal link building and they just do not add up them for much any longer. Getting the links from the big links exchange networks can have a possibility to hurt you.

#3 Mistake: make Linking from the Non Indexed web Sites

Most of the people who waste their time in building those free back links are responsible for making the mistakes of link building from the non-indexed sites. To count your back links, the web page on which you need have the site link which are to be indexed. Having the links from the non indexed web pages implies not anything. It is only waste of time.

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