Some Handy plugins for SEO

Plugins are usually given in package. They offer some opportunity that is installed automatically. We are here discussing about some popular plugins.

Some of the popular plugins All in One SEO Pack is the most popular one for the WordPress. It actually optimizes the titles for the search engines and also generates Meta tags automatically. It   also helps to avoid the duplicate content that found on the blogs of yours.

Another important and popular plugins package is SEO Smart Links.  It actually provides some important SEO benefits such custom the list of the keywords and much more for the site of yours that work automatically.  It links the keywords as well as the phrases in all comments and posts of yours automatically.  The pages, tags, categories, post etc on the blog of yours are also linked with corresponding keywords by this plugins.

Another plugins is Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin will produce a particular XML sitemap. This helps the different search engines such as Bing, yahoo, Google and much more for the better index of your blog.  It helps the site to complete the full structure of the site and recover it more effectively. Additionally it also informs all the main search engines about the new posts in your blogs.

SEO Title Tag is another popular plugins that it makes the site so easy to be optimized for tagging the title on the website or blog of yours. It also the tag title on the internal page of the website as well as the post, comments etc.

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