Starters Guide to Search Engine Optimization

For building a web site we have to first concentrate on the layout of the web site, that should be first class. This has an advantage that people attract to visit the site.  In many cases some points in the design of the site may be missed if they look for the site from the search engine.

When a designer design a web site he must be kept in mind the search engines are only consist of some programs which use to rank the site. So they need certain things to show. The factors of the web site are good for the search engine then it will be ranked high. In contrast, if some specific factors are not good in outlook of the search engine, then it will be ranked low. Even though the human visitors are possibly observe it good.

So First of all we have to pay our attention to the factors of the search engine optimization as well as have to consider the human visitor. Below some optimizations to make the website looking good as well as ranking high.

Meta information is very much important for search engine which must be included above in the first page of the site. The Meta information is the collected sum of some programs that show the link of the subject as tabs of the web page or all things about the page. Three main Meta informations are described below:



*Keywords or link

Heading is the most important Meta information in this case .It  generally indicates that introduce the whole website and its contents as well as about its pages. It defines the major subject which contains the main word of the corresponding page. In this a designer must be careful about the main word of the page because that word introduce with the page. He must select the word that it can be the title of that page. This type of title attracts people to visit the site as they get their wanted information easily.

Also Important Meta information is description. It describes about the contents of the page in larger view than the title or heading.  It must set below the title as a miniature or gist of the page. It slightly different from the title that it also contain the main words not only of the page but also of the contents of the page that provides a facility of page summery which attracts the people visit the site.

The most important Meta information is Keywords. It also may be the optional. But it helps the visitors to find out the page with required word. Sometimes web designer put it in web site that the keyword of most leading word in that page

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