SEO in Ecommerce Business

If you are confused about Ecommerce website optimization and search engine optimization process, then what you should know is they are basically similar to each other. People who are in Ecommerce business, the one who have less experience, usually makes a common mistake that prevent them stepping up and get high rank for the targeted keywords. This article will let you understand how important it is the content of your website.

Content is King

There is a reason why we say that Content is King in SEO world. Search Engines, especially Google rely on website content to figure out what the website is about and how the targeted keywords are being used. Believe it or not, Google program is very smart when it comes around determining the website relevancy. Google spiders or crawlers, who job is to read the content from various sections of a webpage, takes upper hand for those webpage that has unique content and relevant keywords.


Generally, the reason for the fallback of many small and medium ecommerce websites is due to lack of good contents. What I mean by good contents is the content should be original and not copied from other websites. If the search engine crawlers find duplicate content, then your website is in trouble. It will just take a matter time your website will be penalized. If the website gets penalized, not only it suffers bad reputation or get not ranked at all, it might not be shown in result page.

Unique Content is the Boss

You can save your website from being penalized is by adding unique contents. Unique content is foremost important thing that you should keep in your mind. Websites are not only filled with images and videos, and contents. The crawlers are always looking for more and more new contents. But if you think more contents will have negative effect on conversion, then you are very wrong. Long contents have nothing to do with conversion, but in fact they do very well in ranking. So you don’t have to get worried if you want to write long contents.


It is very easy to copy product descriptions from manufacturer websites and past them on to the product pages of your site. However, if you take the time to write your own product descriptions, the end result is well worth it. Copying product descriptions is quick and easy, but the search engines know which website had the content first. If your competitors write their own descriptions, and you copy the manufacturer’s descriptions, you will never rank better than your competitors for the best converting keywords — the product specific keywords.

Copying from other website seems pretty easy but the result will be very ugly. Search engines will find out whether your content is copied or original. Websites have to go through many tests in order to get ranked. The first step would be adding unique contents. It might take hours to write unique contents but spending that much of time is worth a lot.

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