The importance of off-page Optimization and what it can do to your website

There are two basic goals that you are trying to develop in online marketing. The first one is giving Search Engines what they need and giving what your website visitors want. Of course playing for this goal is certainly not very hard but requires consistency and knowledge.

First let’s try to understand how Search Engine works. Search Engine like Google shows two kind of result on their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) – Paid advertisements and Natural non-paid results. Paid advertisements are listed when advertisers pay Google to get listed based on visitors clicks on their links. Natural link builders do the SEO techniques in order to gain top ranking.

Search Engines work on their algorithm. There are some basic requirements to get higher ranking in SERP for a given keyword. We will discuss natural ways of link building in this article.

The fundamental strategies involved in on-page optimization involves process like keyword in title tags, meta tags H1 and H2 tags, keyword density and placement of keywords in content, bold keywords, anchor texts etc. However, you don’t want to over do this because this will tell Google that your website is nothing but a spammy website.

Off-page Optimization involves different strategies than On-page optimization. The main methods in Off-page optimization are acquiring backlinks in order to gain high ranking in search engines. The primary technique is to get as much as inbound links.

Another thing about inbound links is that they should be relevant to your website. That is, you don’t want to get inbound links from website related to car rental whereas your website is related to movies. Each backlink is considered as ‘vote’ to your website to gain ranking, and if it happens to be from related website then it is considered best inbound link.

There are some factors involved in optimization that search engines rely on to rank websites. Lets discuss some factors that affect Search Engine ranking:

When you are on your way to online marketing you have to keep up with all the strategies that are involved to make your website rise in search engines. So what is the PR (Page Rank) of your website? This is really important to know these things because as PR of a website increase, the traffic will increase too.

Do you know what is meaning of anchor text and what it can do to your website? An anchor text is the area where you have live link which link back to your website. This area will not only contain text but it contains your targeted keywords. Whenever you want to put links on other website, you have to put your targeted keyword and then link back to your website. Keyword in anchor text, however, it shouldn’t be same. It must be different because this is how major Search Engine sees your website and consider it as natural linking.

The page title is very important. Let’s say your website is about insurance, and then you must put this targeted keyword in the title. However, if you put more specific keyword like – car insurance in Singapore or Home insurance, then it would be just good as a hot cake ready to eat.

You might want to know what a reciprocal link means because you may get thousands of backlinks with reciprocal links but they won’t be good as one way link to your website. Reciprocal links are link exchanging strategies. It means you have to link back to a website which links back to your website. Sounds interesting but it are not good strategy in terms of search engines algorithm and it can effect the ranking as well. SO the deal is, the more one way backlinks you have, the more good they will do for your ranking in search engines.

If you get backlinks from relevant websites, then your website will get more benefits in order to rank well in search engines. Therefore it is very important to get relevant backlinks.
Finally, you have to make sure that your are doing both on-page SEO and off-page SEO and giving them equal priority because these two strategies will definitely boost your ranking if done properly.

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