The Source of Data in Web World- Directory

Directory is the place where the people can find all the information about different websites. It is known as the source of data about different websites. People when like to find some data about different websites then sometimes it is really hard the perfect website. It is sometimes work as the yellow page. It’s known as one of the most important web page of web zone.

Now when a person is going for building a web site as directory then some questions will be arise just in the very first sight. Like-

  • What the person needs to do build it?
  • What kind of process the website needs to follow?
  • What kind of information it needs?

First of all at the beginning stage of the directory making the website management          must need to gather all the information about the websites the website will be given. In this process all the information must need to collect very carefully, the reason is a single mistake can destroy all the efforts.

The process the website must need to follow that is it should need to be allocated perfectly. As if anyone is searching for sports sites then if there is a category for those things then people will find those easily.

Now the information which is need those are very limited. The amount of information needed which will help the people to know about that particular website. As if people may find interest to visit that website and or grow interest about that topic.

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