Tips on SEO (part 1) – for the new freelance writers

Are you a freelance writer and are working for generating high traffic?

For the freelance writer it is somewhat necessary to learn about the Search engine optimization and it is very much important for generating traffic for the web site or the blog of yours.

But why it is important?

Because of the competition is severe than every another business on the web. In the professional view of the online activities to popular your site among the huge number of web sites it is difficult and competitive. But for the beginners it is somewhat tough to optimize the site with the search engine perfectly. But nothing to worry because you can get a large number of tips on the SEO is available in the internet.

It was estimated by the specialist that above 100000 new web sites are adding every day in the world wide internet which means at about 36500000 new web sites in every year. So the competition getting much harder and you need to follow some basic and prospective as well as unique tips for the betterment of your web site. In this article we try to give you something like that, hope it will help you.

Firstly the traffic which is depends on the page of result of the search engine. Because the search engine has a ranking system depending on which they publish the site link and it is important to be displayed your site link in the first page because most the people who use the search engine for searching most of the time visit those sites which are published in the first result page.

When you many people visit your web site then your traffic volume of the site will be increased and you will get a large popularity as well as the profits.

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