Tips on SEO (part 2) – for the new freelance writers

So get some basic and prospective as well as unique SEO tips for increasing the traffic.

1. Heading: Heading of your files with the illustration will assist you to obtain much more views of the web pages because of the search engines can additional willingly recognize what they are the entire about. And it is important because how much will say about your site then it will helps the search engine to choose your site to publish in their result pages.

Let’s for the example use a graphics file. When you are using the image file for the graphics of the site then you can use the name of the file like xxx.jpg in case of .jpg1 and it is better for recognize the file as image file and this image can be published in the images of the search engines. Your traffic can be increased from this.

So every file naming is perfectly important for the bypass line of getting traffic.

2. Keywords: keyword plays a vital role in the enlargement of the traffic volume of the site. It is considered to be as the prime factor of this aspect. People generally search in the search engine with the common and conventional words of the products or the service or related names.  So the main task is the selection of the keywords. Try to select the best keyword for your site and give also the attention about the relevancy of the keyword with the topics of the web site or the page content. Now take a decision of using one or more words or using phrase words as keyword. According to my opinion the single one is best but you have to great difficulties in this case. Better use two or more keywords which are not so much competitive.

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