Tips on SEO (part 3) – for the new freelance writers

3. Domain name: Domain is also important. It is represents your site to the others. You can add some description with it which is highlighting your site and its activities.

The most practical practice is use of keywords in the domain name and it increases the searching quality of the site. Also another process is that the use of file and page name in the URL of the corresponding page. In this case you have to choose the name of the page and the file as the keyword of the site. Avoid the use of hyphens in the domain name because it is considered as the space by the search engine. So you can use the underscore if it is needed to be used.

4. Title Tags: This is another one of the principal SEO tips that you may use for increasing the traffic for your web site or your blog. Do not name all of the pages of the web site with the similar thing. You can use the title tag which is shown in the top at the bar of the page when anyone visiting your web site.

5. Content: The search engine also considered this factor very deeply because it is a sign of regular update. So try to update your site regularly with the fresh content. Your content ought to be related. And try to give something unique and what is special for your site that people may visit your site for your content.

6. Web design: A standard look is sufficient for your site. Not over loaded your web site gorgeous and stunning graphics as well as high animation. When your site over loaded with this type of things then it takes more time to load and the visitors do not feel comfortable with it.

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