Tips to Increase Your Site’s Popularity

Alexa ranking is a rating through which a web page or web site is ranked among various sites in any kind of search engine. To be the top in rating you have to be the holder of most visited web pages. The term Alexa came from a web company named Alexa which brings data on websites and announces formally or publishes the ranking that is the rating of web pages and web sites from based on the traffic they get.

If you follow some rules about Alexa ranking you can be the top ranker in any kind of traffic ranks. You have to maintain certain rules and tips to increase the ranking of your site. Some of the tips to increase Alexa rating of your site are given right below. The first and foremost thing of Alexa ranking is to download the Alexa toolbar. Then the thing you have to do is to install Alexa toolbar. After installing Alexa toolbar you will get some time to think.

In the mean time tell your friends to download Alexa toolbar. You have to tell your friends also to visit your web page or site through Alexa toolbar. You must have to tell your friends to review your web site. Or you can review your web page or web site by your own. Another important thing you have to do for increasing Alexa ranking to display Alexa display in your web site. Forum posting is one of the important steps to increase your site Alexa rating. You can enlarge your site Alexa ranking also by writing blogs, blog-commenting that is through the off page link building. Through on page link optimization you can also increase you site Alexa rating.

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