Understand your target Audience with 8 SEO tools

Every SEO or webmaster blog explain about keyword research and how it is very important, information on your competitors and other ways to drive traffic to your website. But, we don’t see information that help us in deciding who your target visitors are and how can we make sure that they are using same keywords to find us.

Stepping ahead to next level, we are going to take today and discuss what you can do to increase traffic to your website. Having your ads shown up through PPC in front of people – but are they right the people who are watching those ads of your website?

Google Trends
How can it be useful for your website?
This tool allows you to find basic search volume trend line. You can find out what terms were hot in what year and where those searches were made from. By looking at those data, you can finally decide where your visitors may come from. This is a method of search marketing campaign. Get this tool

Google Insight for Search
Google Insight for Search shows more information than Google Trends does. Basically, if you want to find details on regional interest level and want to find out additional search terms which are closely related to your targeted keyword terms, this tool helps you to get that information by showing your targeted audience geographically. Finally, this tool allows you to avoid such keyword terms which are not popular. Get this tool

Bing xRank
Although Bing xRank is no where near to Google Insights for Search, you can use this tool to find the search volume on Bing. You can compare the search volume being made from Google and Bing. Get this tool

Quantcast is a very useful tool which is used to see visitor demographics and relative traffic for your competitors’ websites as well as your website. You will be able to see more accurate information on traffic and demographic data if your website is Quantified. Don’t worry if your website is not Quantified because you can still get a sample data to understand and study the visitor demographics information. Get this tool

One of the important things that you want to learn is how your competitors are getting their traffic. When it comes around finding such information is by using this amazing tool called Compete. With pro account you can have valuable information about competitors visitors and their demographic data. Get this tool

One of the best tools that any webmaster would love to use is Alexa. I also recommend this tool to find the kind of traffic received by my competitors’ websites. You can have good insight of visitor demographics as well as have ideas on type of keywords they are using. Unlike Compete, the Alexa tool is free, so check it out and do your SEO accordingly. Get this tool

Adlab ( Online Commercial Intention)
Finding a good keyword is very important but finding how those keywords would help for you to get a lead to a transaction or conversion is even crucial. If you need to find this information, just go to Adlab by Microsoft and focus on those keywords that help you to get more potential customers. Get this tool

Adlab ( Demographic Prediction)
Now when you have good sets of keywords then it is time to check if those keywords actually fit with those visitor demographics. This is yet another cool SEO tool. So make sure you use it too and compare with other tools and finally get a good strong keywords for your website. Get this tool

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