War against the artificial link inflation & Search Engine spam

Google’s sweeping changes verify that the search giant has started a full war against false link inflation & confirmed combat against the search engine spam in an ongoing attempt to provide the finest search service in the earth and if you are thinking that you have broken the Google Code & you know everything about Google then think again.

Google has lifted the bar in opposition to fake link inflation & the search engine spam to unmatched heights through the filing of a U.S Patent Application no.20050071741 on 31st March 2005.

The well-known filing unquestionable offers SEO’s with precious insight into Google’s firmly protected search intelligence and verifies that Google’s information recovery is dependent on past data.

What precisely do these changes indicate to you? Your trustworthiness and status on-line are going beneath the Googlescope! Google already has defined their patent summary as follows:

A system recognizes a document and gets one or further types of the past data connected with the document. The system might produce a list for the document dependent, at least in fraction, on the one or supplementary types of the past data.

Google’s patent requirement reveals an important quantity of information both new and old about the probable ways Google can (and probably does) employ your web page recent updates to decide the ranking of your website in the SERPs.

Unluckily, the exclusive rights filing does not assign a priority or finally validate any exact technique.

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