Why and How- SEO importance (part 2)

Ranking of the page is important for making a great profit. Because of a site of high page rank everyday gets a high volume of traffic. From this the site has a chance of getting ad from the related company or the site can be sold for the back linking on the other site.

Below we will be discussing tactics to get the above mentioned facilities.

1) If you do not feel like too much opposition from the other SEO’s, then select your keywords for your site precisely. As For example, as a replacement for the Hotel select keywords as like the cheap hotel, the royal hotel, the best hotel, the hotel of Los tigers etc. Order of the keyword is also factor for the search engines. The Search engine consider the “Los tigers hotel” and the “hotel best in los tigers” as the different and unusual keywords.

2) The best practice of SEO is to obtain as one minimum primary keyword for your site which can be use in the domain name or in the sub domain of the website of yours. You can also use the hyphens (-) as separation key between the two or multiple keywords.

3) You may use the name of the file and the page as the keyword and get them put into the URL of that page as for as example that http://www.abc.com/SEOtips/keywods where “SEOtips” id the file name and the “keywords” is the name of the page. Get your second or third keywords in your directory name and filename.

4) When you are selecting your keywords for site then try to maintain a high relevancy with the topics of the web site.

5) Protect your web site free from any kind of the syntax error and declare the document type at the starting.

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