Why SEO of the page Is essential to get Success

It is very much simple to overlook appropriate on the page SEO and pay more attention to the link building very quickly. This is actually a big fault that several people do several task that they can make high ranking of the site in the search results of the search engine which is very much difficult.

Earlier we can saw some figures which explained some issues that the Google take into their account when they deciding where ranking a page. Whatever I don’t know how far they are accurate but we have got some statics which are generally used by the people for their high ranking of the site. These are shown below:

1.65% Back links – Taking into their account the total number of the back links, the owner of the page link is formed and the attach text used.

2. 15% SEO – here mostly considered the keyword which is or are related to the page.

3. 20% other factors – here the main concern is the domain age, speed of loading and the traffic volume.

From the above discussion we can say that the SEO is not so much important for the page ranking of the site. But it is not actually right. It is very much useful to bring to mind about the SEO of the page since you are about your page to Google.  Take note that that Google is the most popular search engine because they observe that what you are saying about your page rather than other people.  If you do not informed the people more about your site then how the people consider that your site is good.

Type a keyword in the Google search engine then you will see the top most listed site link on the search results where they used some back links of some popular company like apple, adobe, Microsoft.  They do not use any SEO in this purpose in this aspect but they use a large number of back links. It is interesting when you will be known that one site has page ranking of 5 and also having only 390 back links and another page which has page ranking of 9 and also having over 1 million back links.

However, Click Here means the advertising agency between two sites which is really an interesting matter.  Now we can come to a conclusion from the above discussion that the first one site emphasizes on the SE of the page and the second one give importance to the back links. But with the perfect search engine optimization you can get more ranking of your site where making such 1 million back links for ranking is more difficult. So SEO is not most important task but it is mention worthy for a perfect site.

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