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Domain Name Registration

Whether you’re ready to start building your website or not, it is important to secure your domain name now before someone else takes it. If someone else registers the domain name you want it can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy it from them (if they are willing to sell at all). Don’t delay, register your affordable domain name today.

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Protect Your Privacy

ICANN is the international governing body responsible for domain names. They require that every domain that is registered maintains a publicly viewable ‘WHOIS’ database, which will display personal contact information of the individual or business that owns the domain. This includes home address and phone numbers.

What Domain Privacy Means for You

ICANN's WHOIS policy raises some significant privacy concerns for website owners who don't want their personal information available to anyone with Internet access. Go Get Space Domain Privacy solves this issue by showing our company information in the WHOIS database rather than your personal data. You can keep your personal information private while retaining full ownership and control of your domain.

Without Domain Privacy
Mike Brown
MB company Inc
7890 E, 4th st California CA 99999
US (555) 555 5555
With Domain Privacy
Go Get Space Inc
Po Box 32145
Fremont, CA 95692
US (855) 899 7708

Domain Privacy benefits:

  • Stop junk email and sales calls;
  • Stop identity theft or fraud;
  • Stop the selling of your personal information;
  • Prevent stalkers and harassers;
  • You remain the owner of the domain.

Go Get Space's Privacy Protection service is available for just $6.95 per year, which is 40% lower than the competitors. You can add ID protection to any domain registration order by simply selecting "Configure Domain Extras" during the ordering process. You can also add this option to your already purchased domain by going into your control panel and selecting the 'Addon' option.

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You have full access to your domain

DNS management

Manage your Nameservers to point to our servers or any servers inside or outside of GGS without any restrictions.

Private Nameserver

You can create your own private DNS with your Server's IP address. It makes you look more professional and branded.

Update Contact details

Change or update your contact details, Phone, email etc anytime right from your domain control panel.

Register Lock

A good way to protect your domain from unauthorized transfer. you can lock or unlock your domain from your Domain control panel

DNS Host record management

This option includes various record management like "A, MX, CNAME, URL redirect, AAAA" etc

EPP Code Request

Request EPP code to transfer your domain out direct for your Domain control panel. EPP code will be send to your registered email address.

Email Forwarding

This option will enable forwarding domain emails to another email address. This is useful when you have multiple emails and you want to check them all in one inbox.

Auto renewal

Enabling auto renewal will protect your domain name from expiring and loosing your valuable domain. Check “Domain Life cycle” section below for better understand.

Domain Privacy

Protects your personal information from public and keep you safe from identity theft, sales call, Junk Email etc. Enable/Disable ID protection from your domain control panel as per your needs.

Register or Renew a domain for multiple Years and

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For 3 years
get 8% Off
For 5 years
get 10% Off
For 10 years

Know about a domain life cycle

1 years
1 Active
Exply Date
30 Days
2 Domain
Domain renewal Price = Domain Renewal Fee
60 Days
3 Domain
Redemption period
Domain renewal Price = Domain Redemption fee (USD 200) + Domain Renewal Fee
5 Days
4 Pending
No Renewal Allowed
Public release
5 Avalible for

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TLD?

A Top Level Domain (TLD) are the words or letters that appear directly after the last dot of a domain. For example, the domain ‘’ the TLD would be ‘.com’ (.com is the most popular TLD). There are currently over 400 TLD’s in existence and available to purchase

TLDs can also be called domain name extensions or domain extensions

Choosing your TLD is a very important part of buying any domain. Different TLDs are easier to remember and even rank better in the search engines, which is why it is so important to take the time to find the right TLD for your site.

How do I renew my domains?

To renew your domain you can log into your GGS billing page, click ‘domain section’ and choose the domains you want to renew. From there simply follow the step by step directions to complete the process

How Much does Domain Registration Cost?

To see all the pricing details for domain registration, please see our domain register pricing page.

Who has ownership of the domain once it is registred?

After you have registered your domain name with GGS, you’ll have 100% ownership. You can move the domain to another company, modify it or do anything else you would like with your domain without any restrictions.

How long does it take for the DNS to update?

If you make any changes to your DNS information for your domain it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for it to propagate out through the Internet. During this time your website may be inaccessible to users.

My auto­renew failed. What do I do?

The most common reason for an auto­renew to fail is because your credit card information is outdated or no longer valid. To fix this issue simply update your payment information to complete the auto­renew process. If your domain has already expired, simply complete the manual renewal process to reactive your domain. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our support team right away

What happens if I don't renew my domains?

We make every effort possible to help ensure you don’t lose the domains you want to keep, which includesseveral notifications.

We will send out a total of four email reminders to renew your domain. This begins about 45 days before the expirtation date of your domain. We’ll send additional reminders 25 days before and then 5 days before the domain expires. Finally, we’ll send another email 3 days after your domain has expired.

If at this point we still can not secure a payment for the domain, your domain will expire. At this point your page will be deactivated and a ‘parking’ page will be put up, which indicates that the domain is no longer active. Other services you have with your domain may also stop functioning.

As soon as 31 days after the expiration date, your domain may be auctioned, sold, deleted or otherwise disposed of. If a third party purchases the domain name at any point after the 31 days, it will NOT be available for you to reactivate

As early as 45 days after the date of expiration, if your domain has not yet been purchased by any third parties, it will enter a 60 day redemption grace period. If you choose to renew your domain name at any point during this holding period (and it has not already been purchased by a third party) you may be charged a $200 reactivation fee (plus the annual renewal fees).

If the redemption period ends without being renewed or purchased by a third party the domain name will be held for five days, at which point it will be deleted from our system and released back for general registration.

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