Are you thinking to use Bulk Email Marketing to reach new customers?

Without any doubt, Bulk Email marketing is an effective and cost-efficient way to reach out potential new customers and draw results. Along with getting new clients, Bulk Email marketing can be useful to keep connected with your existing customers as well. It’s affordable! Effective & Less time consuming among all the marketing channel you are thinking to try!

bulk email marketing

Mostly we perform bulk email marketing to send a newsletter or promote services. For say, you have a list of customers or potential new leads and you want to let them know about your new service or any affairs. Now through a single application, you can send them to content relevant to their interest and let them surf your service as fastest way possible. Regardless of the size of your client list, you can reach them all in a single campaign. You can set up the frequencies as per your client’s expectation. On completion upon you can check the reports such as bounce rates, clicked and unchecked, open rates and many more to ensure you hit the right spot or not.

Are Having trouble getting your emails delivered?

Gogetspace Bulk Email Server allows you to perform Bulk Email marketing for your service without any interruption or delay at very low cost. Every package is based on the volume of emails you send not by the size of your list. You can see valuable insights for each of the campaign. These servers are Asia based and maximum uptime is guaranteed. With unlimited bounce, campaign & unlisted Green IP, you can rest assured that your emails will reach your clients without any delay. Not to mention that these email servers can be configurable with rDNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC & MX so your emails don’t get marked as defective identifiers. Starts at only $90 now for limited time only!

Your leads are waiting to be heard from you!  

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