Learn the strategy for building good quality backlinks

Link building is the main path of SEO in order to achieve high ranking in Search Engine for targeted keywords or phrase. Good backlinking strategies help to increase website ranking and traffic. However, you need to understand that only link building may not get near to your desired results. It needs careful planning and implementation.

What are the types of links?

There are basically three types of links. You may want to study this because later on you will know what types of links are important to get high ranking.

  • Internal Links – Links between pages of a website.
  • Incoming Links – When someone put links back to your website, it is called incoming links.
  • Outgoing Links – Links directing to other third party websites from your website.

Methods to create good link building

When you are creating link building, you need to understand what type of links are good for your website. Let’s study following points/

  • Make sure the page has appropriate title and keywords in descriptions when making links.
  • Always use anchor text when creating links.
  • When you are putting links make sure you are putting them in reputed sites and not bad sites like link farms.

Some steps of good link-building strategy

The main objective is to increase traffic and good ranking in Search Engines. Keeping this fact in mind you need to have proper planning and implementation.

  • Submit your website link to good web directories like dmoz, yahoo directories and other high PR web directories.
  • Make sure you get incoming links from reputed websites and relevant websites.
  • Anchor text must contain relevant keywords to develop best strategy for link building.
  • Some links are permanent but there are some links which are temporary. Such links get deleted sooner than you think. You have to check those links yourself from time to time.
  • Bad websites like link farms and FFA networks must be avoided at all cost because these websites may have immediate affect but in a long run they won’t do any good. Some websites ask you to renew your link for additional time which you need to check again by yourself.
  • Stay away from backlinks from the page like Robots Meta tag, Robot.txt, frame page, flash page or such pages which are considered bad by Google.

Remember, a good link building strategy not only helps you to create brand awareness on the Web but also helps to draw potential customers to your website. However, it is a continuous process, which needs a lot of patience and constant monitoring. Regularly repeating the above steps as part of your effective link building strategy will aid in increasing your web traffic.

Link building is a continuous process. With a careful implementation you can achieve high ranking and drive more traffic to your website. Regular link building should help your website to increase the revenue. Thus, if you are careful while building links for your website, it is not far when you’ll start making money from your website.

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