The importance of backlinks in SEO

It is all clear now that in order to get ranked to top by Google depends on number of backlinks a website has. Website owners are constantly looking for more and more backlinks for their website. For new website owners – it can be very frustrating because they don’t know where and how to get quality backlinks.

One of the best ways to get quality backlinks from reputed websites is by article writing and submitting. It is so called Article Marketing and this is what we are going to discuss about.

Websites can not survive in search engines without backlinks. If you fail to build backlinks for your website, no more you website will stay in Google and slowly it will parish away. Without visitors is like a shopping mall without single visitors inside.

When you build backlinks for your website, they are recognized by little armies of Google called Spiders that scan the websites and scan all the pages to see whether the website is relevant or not. If the website is relevant then it is good for your website.

Article Marketing has been successful strategy for optimizing a website. When you submit articles on popular directories like EzineArticles or GoArticles, you website will get backlinks as well as traffic.  This is really good because EzineArticles and GoArticles are quality highly ranked websites.

Internet doesn’t have any geographical boundaries, hence, it is the biggest marketplace ever built. People sell products and services through websites by using different techniques. It simply takes you to global customers and thus increases the chance of meeting potential customers. In order to boost the marketing, webmasters handles their website with the help of SEO which definitely uplifts the ranking as well as revenue.

Now the basic step is to learn the basic parts of SEO so that you can have foundation to make a profitable business website. SEO is simply the best and the only way for exceeding the website and creating more money.

SEO has certainly proved very successful. Now we are thankful to SEO for making us easy to find websites based on our keywords. Search Engines have also evolved into newer and advance stage. Now you may or may not know is that for we website, a content is the king. Without content your website will be dull and stupid. So more content you have, the more king you will become. Contents are not just any ordinary contents. They should be keyword oriented and should be place proportionally. So then Google now give much priority to contents of website. The content should be relevant to website and should be optimized correctly with the given set of keywords. You can add videos and pictures in articles and optimize them as well.

SEO is really hot and now it is still increasing to next level. Without SEO, any website won’t survive because it is a building block for other internet marketing strategy like Email Marketingm, PPC campaigning and keyword Marketing.

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Video Marketing is yet another new concept and you can advertise your website by creating a nice little video and backlinks. Making a good video can be a daunting task. But if your video is very goood, more and more visitors will watch your video and then goes back to find your website link. So the bottom line is the more video you put the more chance of getting tons of visitors.

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