Malaysia’s Website Design Industry Emerging Better and Bigger Amidst The COVID-19

Just like the rest of the world, the larger shift to the internet has led to major growth in Malaysia’s Website Design Industry in the last few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll not just on our lives but on every sector of living. The world economy has been hit hard by this pandemic disrupting the normal growth of business and operations in all areas. In order to cope with this difficult time, enterprises have started evaluating new strategies to craft their businesses well. Every business needs to plan its uninterrupted operations to deal with these kinds of unforeseen situations. We at GoGetSpace help you achieve that, we analyze and evaluate both the market and the world to bring you the powerful solutions to overcome these challenges. Our team has been precisely studying and observing the latest trends in Malaysia’s Website Design industry and has been adapting newer techniques and ways of designing your website to set your business right on track.

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Internet around the World or World around the Internet?

The pandemic did make adverse changes in our lifestyles with all the businesses shutting down starting from local shops, schools, to major operations for quite a long time. This pause from the fast life has in a way given people the privilege to spend more time on the internet and involve themselves in online activities. With the constant pressure to carry on with the business has made people rethink about the Internet world. More businesses have made a move online making the web a new world of marketing and growing their business. This led to wide recognition of Information Technology in the world of business. More and more businesses are relying on IT services to continue with their operations in these critical situations.

Just like the rest of the world, Malaysia has also seen a drastic surge in internet usage during the lockdown period. Internet usage has increased by 30% in these last 6 months. It was way obvious, people complained of not having enough time to spend on their mobile phones and more because of the internet. Now when they did have so, a maximum of their efforts and hours were spent on the internet. Also, with the brutality of the pandemic that impacted the earnings of many, people started finding ways to earn their living on the internet. Small to large scale businesses who were not much supportive about online imaging and branding started rethinking on this page. The world gradually understood how much it is important to make an impactful presence in the world of the web to continue with their business. This is where the website design industry started booming across the globe. 

Malaysia's hike in internet usage

As per CSO assessment reports, about 76% of internet users are reading newspapers and magazines online rather than buying the hard copies. The involvement of people into social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has increased by 68% in these last six months. Not just that people have started taking the internet and social media platforms much more seriously, they are more into uploading self-created contents and posts. With the ongoing pandemic rage making people stay at home and spending more time on the internet, there has been a huge hike by 70% in the usage of entertainment sites. Now, these entertainment sites are considered as one of the biggest online marketing platforms.

Though the transition doesn’t seem easy, there is quite a struggle and challenges that need to be taken care of for making the first step to bring your business online. This is what we are here to guide and assist you for a smoother transition of your business considering all the risk and securities. Most importantly it is very much important to maintain and upgrade the operating system to ensure continuity of service irrespective of crude circumstances. Also, not to forget as the maximum percentage of the internet users are operating through their mobiles it is very important to make your websites responsive to mobile phones as well. This will help in gaining more customers if your website is easy to be accessed via mobile phones.

Malaysia internet users

E-commerce- The next big online business hub

Initially, online shopping was all about buying gadgets and garments, but now the lockdown has pulled in the grocery and other utility supplies into the online business as well. Before this, it was hard to believe the grocery shopping could have been this easy and convenient. Not just grocery even the medical supplies which is another basic need can be easily purchased online. Many small scale businesses like florists, pet shops, grooming, cleaning, and even bars who used to operate solely took the courage to build their space online. You can get anything and everything you need sitting at home just by browsing your mobile. And this in turn led to a sharp increase in online orders and payments and transactions. This has made people reimagine the world of the internet is so powerful to use it at its best. Even when the pandemic ends, this trend will be incorporated as a vital practice for businesses to stay relevant and accessible to their customers, surviving any storm.

E-commerce the online hub

Security and Privacy- The Major Areas of Concern Being Online

The increase in the usage of the internet and staying online has made us prone to cyber risk. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, there has been a drastic increase in cyber attacks as well. Around 71% of the cybersecurity personnel have seen a surge in cyberattacks which were mainly in the form of fraudulent web pages, Email phishing, malware, and ransomware.

So, while you are bringing your business online it is also important to assess and study the risk of cyber-attacks to manage your online security well. This will help in building and maintaining the trust of your customers. The Vice President of Belden Industrial Cyber Security, Kristen Poulos stated “Our customers are much more concerned about security now than they were a few months ago”. The need for tighter and stricter cybersecurity is a must to run your business online. This will give faith to your clients and customers to stand with you.

Modes of cyber crime

GoGetSpace Experience Amidst COVID-19

Our journey during this pandemic and lockdown was quite similar to others. We in GoGetSpace just love to work as a team and be around each other. The excitement of working with the team is one of our major strengths. But this pandemic did make a disturbance in our working routine. With the new changes and adjustments, we started working from home and were connected to our team at all times that kept us motivated to work together even though we were physically apart. We did make sure to stay well connected with our clients and support them with all their needs while they were also trying to adjust to the new normal way of working. Being a web hosting and designing company we were well prepared with electronics and server connectivity with a strong security system that has let us continue with our work efficiently and safely from home.

We have also seen some positive changes in our clients to thrive more on working on their websites. We assisted and guided them to redesign their websites by optimizing the functionality, improving security, writing relevant content, rebranding in order to stay connected and important to their target clients and audiences. Even we have seen many new SME connecting with us to build a prominent place online to operate their business well. We can foresee website design in Malaysia will take a big fly in the upcoming days.

We are more than happy to help and guide these businesses to grow online. We together can help each other to survive in this difficult time by adapting and improving ourselves as per the current market demand.

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