How to Create a Successful eCommerce Website in 2021

With the increase in demand for online shopping eCommerce sales has reached its new peak. Just like the global market, website design Malaysia has also seen the sudden thrust of businesses towards eCommerce websites. It is expected the eCommerce sales to gain up to $2.3 trillion worldwide in the coming years.

With so much shift in focus on eCommerce sites, it is time to think for businesses how one eCommerce site can overpower the other. There are several factors that influence the standard of the eCommerce website for a business which in turn affects the website price as well. In Malaysia website design price depends on design, features, and content. These are the pricing factors but for the quality eCommerce sales, there are other factors that need to be taken care of like product quality, brand recognition, shipping costs, return policies, trustworthiness, and customer service.

From the eCommerce website perspective, user experience should be the utmost priority to look upon. This is the key to convert the visit into successful sales. Not just this, good user experience can make your customer come back again and continue with their purchasing and build up a good relationship.

With a thorough analysis of the website market trends and customers’ tastes, we bring you some of the comprehensive eCommerce UX design aspects to follow for your brand’s website.

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Trust and Security of Utmost Priority

Nobody wants to check-in into an unsafe place, the same goes for the website as well. All of us are overprotective towards our data privacy and this should be well respected when we visit a website. So, it is very crucial to design a website that is secured and can be trusted. An eCommerce shopping site deals with thousands of transactions in a day, so protecting your customers’ personal data by providing a secure transaction is very much needed.

Secured website

Follow these tips to uplift your customers’ trust on your website:

  • Introduce your business well.
  • Provide your brand’s information and the story behind the launch.
  • You may add images of people behind the brand
  • Do give contact information and also customer service contact details.
  • Add the social media links for the customer to visit and follow.
  • Have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more clarity on the shopping process.
  • Your brand policies need to be posted on your website and it should be clear and well described.
  • Provide details on shipping and return policies
  • Explain the return process and the products that can be returned or exchanged.
  • The shopper should be able to easily access the privacy policy to protect their personal and financial details.

Always use a simple way of writing that makes it easy for every customer to understand.

  • Share product reviews. Authentic reviews are a true description of products. Listing reviews from previous customers adds more value to the product. You may also take a step forward by adding information about the reviewers making the reviews more genuine which elevates the trust of your customers.
  • Use a secure server. For an eCommerce website, it is a must to go with SSL certificates to authenticate the website and make it a secure place. Assure safety and security to your shoppers by protecting their data with the implementation of SSL security to your website.
Trusted seals
  • Adding a trust badge to your website is an add-on to your website security. There is even an extra layer of protection some trust companies offer to take care of any fraudulent transaction. These trust seals provide complete security to the shoppers for secured transaction processing.
  • Avoid even single mistake on your site. Make the website look genuine and professional by avoiding errors like 404, typos, broken links, missing images, or other eCommerce UX-killing slips. Any of these can create a negative image of your brand.

eCommerce UI Design

The look and feel of your website create your brand’s first impression so make it a lasting one.

Follow these cool UI design tips:

  • Reflect your brand identity through your website. Choose colors, backgrounds, images, fonts that showcase the personality of your brand and what exactly it is meant for.
  • Use the important contents or posts on the top for the visitors to view. You may use less white space to make items appear closer rather than forcing them together.
  • Avoid using too many graphics which might make it look more like ads. Go with high-contrast text and background colors to make the contents clear and prominent.
  • If are using icons or symbols go for simpler and common ones. It is better to add labels along with icons to make it more clear for the shoppers.
  • Pop-up windows are really distracting for shoppers, try to avoid them. Instead, add some content space highlighting its importance for the shoppers to have a look at.
eCommerce website UI design

Frictionless eCommerce Navigation

Simpler the navigation is, the easier for the visitor to move around and explore the website. Well defined Product Categories allows the navigation to be better.The navigation should clearly show the categories that the site offers. It is necessary to group products into categories and subcategories that fall together. It’s best to make the outsider test the site navigation as much as possible for more clear feedback.

Product Search

Have a search field on your website, this makes it easy for the shoppers to get access to their necessary items. Add the search box on every page so if any shopper gets stuck in any stage can use the search box for help. Include auto-complete functionality on the search box making it convenient for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Add sorting and filtering for the shoppers to categorize what exactly they want.

eCommerce product search

Product Quick View

Quick View feature reduces the shoppers’ time and effort to check on their desired products. Display the product details in a modal window over the viewed page. Don’t add too much product info and make the ‘add to cart’ and ‘save to wishlist’ clicks more prominent.

Special Offers

ecommerce product offers

Try highlighting the special offers, discounts, best deals on the welcome page. Analyze and understand the customer’s interest and fabricate custom made deals for them to get attracted to.

eCommerce Product Page Design

When the shoppers find what they are looking for they pay more attention now. So be prepared and design the product details page with all possible relevant information about it. 

eCommerce product page design

Try using white or light-colored images to keep a focus on the product. Use high-quality images with multiple pictures making them see what they want from all angles. Make sure your images do not degrade quality when zoomed-up. You can also use videos showing the product on the move. Be it an image or video make sure it is in line with the look and feel of the website and is maintained the same in all pages.

Employ Persuasive Design

This is normal human psychology scarcity draws more attention. Create urgency and scarcity for sales. Use phrases like ‘Limited Stock’ and highlight them on pages to grab customer attention. Scarcity drives more engagement and purchases from potential buyers.

Display Related Products

Based on the past shopping experiences display similar products that your customers might be interested in. This will redirect customers to the products that might fulfil their needs. This keeps the customers motivated and encourages them to continue shopping.

Shopping Cart Design

A shopping cart is the most crucial element of online shopping. It drives shoppers to check out from here. It is very much important to make the shopping cart experience simple and easy to act on for the customers. Make the checkout button prominent and visible by using bright colors, plenty of clickable areas, and easy language. If any items get out of stock prior to checkout or if the specified size or color is not available to display the information to get it noted by the customer. Add a wishlist button on every item present on the cart, this makes it easier for the customer to move the item out for now, which later they can purchase it. For shipping or any other charges in addition to the price of the item should be mentioned clearly for the customer to understand what and why they need to pay this amount.

Shopping cart design

eCommerce Checkout Design

After your customer has made his mind to make a purchase it’s time to make the checkout process much easier. Provide simple steps for the payment process to progress.

ecommerce checkout design

Minimize the number of fields and steps to complete the purchase. Add multiple payment options to match up customers’ preferences. You may keep the registration-optional for buying as many people might not like the hassle to register them. If there is any error instead of showing the errors directly, make error notifications come up in real-time. Rather than showing the error on top of the form, show clear and brief error messages directly above, or next to the item that requires correction. This makes it easier to notice and make the required changes.

Live Chat & Customer Support

ecommerce live design

It is always good to have a live chat option, if a customer gets stuck at any place or need some specific information can connect to this live chat for further information. Highlight your customer service details well so that customers can easily get to see it and can have access to customer service.


Designing a website is not just about the display it is all about providing a complete user experience to your customers. eCommerce website design Malaysia is adapting towards these features and trends to provide quality eCommerce websites to businesses. The website price in Malaysia and also elsewhere is sure to have a huge variance depending on the features you are willing to have on your site.

Hope you have gained some ideas on the aspects of an eCommerce website to look at to build up a quality website in order to provide a satisfactory user-experience to the customers.

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