Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing Programs: Everything You Need to Know Explained

Table of Contents1 What is Affiliate Marketing?1.1 The merchant1.2 The affiliate1.3 The consumer1.4 The network2 How does affiliate marketing works?3 Benefits of affiliate marketing programs for bloggers3.1 Easy management3.2 No financial risk3.3 Several sources of

Wordpress site hacked
Web Security
Corey Geer

What To Do If Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

Thousands of WordPress sites are hacked every single day. These hacks can range from harmless annoying tracking pixel implementations to full blown attacks and takeovers of a website. The majority of the time, a hacker

Web Hosting Tutorials and How to

Tutorial: How to increase PHPMyAdmin max upload size in cPanel/WHM

This is a shot tutorial abut increasing PHPMyAdmin MySQL database upload limit. You may notice that you can’t upload or import the large database in panel after even increasing the php.ini file post_max_size, upload_max_filesize, memory_limit. Here is what

Social Media Workflow
Digital Marketing
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Setting Up A Timesaving Social Media Workflow

Table of Contents1 Getting Started2 Use the correct social media account3 Keep all the posts on topic4 Use interaction in all your campaigns5 Put a stop to controversy6 Measuring The Effectiveness Of Your Social Media

WordPress address
WordPress Tips and Tutorials
Manish Mishra

The subtle difference between WordPress address and site address

Table of Contents1 Overview2 Basic understanding2.1 General settings2.2 Home_URL()2.3 Site_URL()2.4 By using Get function (home_url)2.5 By using Get function (site_url)3 Summary Overview In order to speed up themes and plugins WordPress ships with more valuable

Video Marketing
Digital Marketing
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Where Will Video Marketing Be 1 Year From Now?

One of the most powerful and exciting recent developments in online marketing is the proliferation of video content. Sure, video marketing has been in use for decades, ever since the invention of the television set.

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