SERP and PageRank 101

Mixed views are there from different experts while they define the terms SERP i.e. the Search Engine Results Page and PR i.e. the PageRank. A lot of them opine that these two things are totally

Quest For Backlinks Made Simple

If you are a blogger, a site owner or an affiliate marketer then building backlinks is a must for survival and benefit of your site. Looking for backlinks isn’t actually that tough a task. It’s

3 Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are what turns your website moderation experience in to a smoother one. These plugins are all capable of doing different things starting from aiding you get ranked right on the very first page

Fundamental On Page SEO Tips

On Page SEO is a crucial factor which a good section of people are ignoring whereas the On Page SEO should be one of the first few things you need to look at. Once you

CSS and SEO – Made for Each other

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS plays an important role in website search engine rankings. How? Well, CSS simply ease up the code for the web-spiders to make them easily readable. It might sound hard to

SEO in Ecommerce Business

If you are confused about Ecommerce website optimization and search engine optimization process, then what you should know is they are basically similar to each other. People who are in Ecommerce business, the one who

Suggestion Keyword 101

Suggestion Keyword is just what it’s name says and you might be surprised to learn that if you are not putting in a little effort and time on SEO optimizing your site or blog you

Target your Market by Using Right Keywords

No matter how hard you try optimizing your website, if you fail to choose right keywords, all your hard work will be toasted. Even though many people emphasize on link building process but what they

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